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Clan RULES Empty Clan RULES

Post  LeiTinanT on Mon May 31, 2010 12:13 pm


1.Kein Statpadding
2.Immer respect gegenüber clanmembers (in den helicopter als gunner einladen)
3.Niemals sagen wie schlecht ein member ist (wen er mit der tv-rakete trifft nicht sagen du noob...)
4.Immer Spass haben!
5.Kein glitching!
6.Wen ein member dich rammt nicht sagen fick dich einfach immer freundlich zu clanmembers sein.
7.Bestrafe kein member für teamkill.
8.Vote/Kicke niemals ein member aus dem spiel.
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Clan RULES Empty Re: Clan RULES

Post  V-Q-N on Mon May 31, 2010 12:33 pm


1. No Statspadding.
2. Always respect your clan members (Invite them into your group or pick them up with your heli).
3. Never complain how bad he/she is (example I miss a tv-missile and my partner start complaining on me).
4. Always have fun in the clan.
5. No Glitching.
6. If a member rams a member please dont call him "Fucking noob rammer learn how to fly" just tell him thats no problem but if he rams you a second time you can tell him to start hunt planes.
7. Dont punish a member for a teamkill.
8. NEVER try to kick a member from the game example dont start a kickvote against a member.
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